Spring Cleaning

Spring break coincides with my need to spring clean.  I am hosting a bridal shower in a few weeks, which is the perfect motivation I need to deep clean the house.  While Joey takes care of the outside, I’m handling the inside.  My current favorite is this microfiber duster .  Dusting is my least favorite household chore, but it is sure is more fun with a duster that reminds me of a Muppet.  Or three. How can you NOT have fun with this?

Our house is wall-to-wall laminate floors.  This means no carpets to clean, but it also means that ANY debris on the floor shows up.  And with a kid in the house, it’s amazing how much stuff accumulates under the furniture.  Clumps of modeling clay.  Parts from board games.  Cereal.  Change.  Shells (?!?)  All that stuff gets beautifully illuminated every day when that late afternoon sun streams in from our sliding glass doors.  Every few months, I end up moving all the furniture around and vacuuming up the crud. Now, I can use the swivel feature on this broom to sweep underneath the couches and cabinets.  What’s even better, Tyler loves helping.  He loves using the mini brush and dustpan to collect the garbage.

Any time I get the broom out, he’s right there with me.  He even empties the dustpan into the garbage can.  What a great helper!  On occasion, I have caught him dusting on his own.  Of course, he would love the duster even more if it were pink!

Disclaimer: I received cleaning products from OXO.  All opinions are my own. Check out more OXO cleaning products.

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Organizing The Cookie Cutters

It’s only fitting that my first post of the new year involves getting organized (yet still food-related).  It is a standing resolution of mine every year.  One of my responsibilities is keeping the storage closets in order.  My baking supplies have gradually taken over one of the closets.  So, I finally got off my duff and did something about it.

Somehow, I’ve amassed quite the collection of cookie cutters.  And I’m not a huge sugar cookie baker, so I don’t know why I have so many.  I saw the idea of a pegboard on Annie’s site over a year ago.  What a brilliant idea! I’m not the most handy person around the house, so I looked for further instructions on how to install pegboard on a wall.  I found these detailed instructions, and decided it was easy enough for even me to accomplish. For supplies, I used:

– two 1×2 inch wood planks

– pegboard cut to specific dimensions

– drywall anchors and corresponding screws

– additional screws and washers

– paint (I used Valspar’s Spun Honey)

– paint roller and tray

I got really ambitious and co-ordinated the cutters and labeled all the hooks.  Not that I know exactly which cutters I have, I may actually start using them!

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