One Year Later

rainbow heart cookies,

I made these cookies.  As you can see, my decorating technique has gotten a little rusty.  Even so, I was compelled to make them.  People draw, paint, photograph…I bake.  I know it’s not much, but it’s what I do.

My son decorated cookies with me.  He didn’t know the meaning behind them – the lives lost, the community that united behind the rainbow flag.  He doesn’t understand why I have been crying so much as the one year mark approached.  He just liked the idea of rainbow heart cookies.

making cookies

In the past year, I have seen my city rise above this terrible event.  People and businesses gave so much to help.  Murals all over the city celebrate life, love, peace.  Donations, murals, scholarships, tributes.  Hugs.

There are so many remembrances going on.  Races.  Memorials.  Ceremonies.  One Orlando Alliance created a list of 49 Acts of Kindness, based on suggestions from parents of the victims.  For my part, I baked cookies.  I will share them with friends, neighbors, strangers.  It’s how I contribute.  How I show love.  How I cope.

rainbow heart cookies

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