Party In The Bog, Ocean Spray Reception at Epcot Food And Wine Festival

The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival began last weekend!  This year, there are even more events and experiences.  I had the pleasure to attend  a reception hosted by Ocean Spray on the Friday night.  For the past few years, they’ve constructed cranberry bog near the entrance to the World Showcase.  This reception celebrated the cranberry and the bog.

photo: cranberry and sea salt cured wild salmon with maple sugar crystals representing Canada

Food stations represented one of six countries.  This fit the theme of the entire festival – Taste Your Way Around The World.  Each dish at the tables incorporated cranberries in a unique way.  After sampling the food from each country, guests were invited to stamp a “passport book,” and then collect a special stamp at the end of the book.

Guests also had the opportunity to hang out in the bog.  Working in shifts, we climbed into waders, and (carefully) stomped around in knee-high water floating with cranberries.  This was the highlight of the event.  I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time (as seen above.)  It brought me back to my Massachusetts roots.  I started throwing a “wicked awesome” or two into my conversation.  A signature vodka drink and some more appetizers were served in the bog.

photo credit: Marvin of Foodbidden

Only the first day, and I’ve already experienced one of the highlights of the festival!  Can’t wait to see what other fun events I’ll get to try this year.  Thank you so much to Disney and Ocean Spray!

Disclosure: I was invited by Ocean Spray to attend this event.  All opinions are my own.

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