Florida Blogger Conference 2013, Common Threads

This has been my third year attending the Florida Blogger Conference, now expanded into a Social Media conference as well.  I didn’t realize it, but this was also the third year of the event, which means I’ve been to every one since its inception.  Cool!  Each year, the conference has become more informative and has featured more inspiring speakers.  This year we were at the beautiful Full Sail campus, which has come a long way since occupying part of a strip mall on Semoran Blvd.  I was at Full Sail Live a few months ago for an orchestra event, and was blown away by the facilities.  I saw even more of the campus at the conference, and was equally impressed.

At any given time, there were at least two sessions I wanted to attend.  Great problem to have, I know.  I did get to hear Pat Williams, Lou Mongello, Kerry Gorgone, Julie Deily, Jason (nee Sadler) Headsetsdotcom, and  Pam Moore.

I heard lots of inspiring words.  Some of it was stuff I’ve heard before and helped reaffirm how I approach blogging.  Some were new ideas that I had never thought of.  There seemed to be three common threads that I heard throughout the day by many of the speakers:

1) MAKE CONNECTIONS TO PEOPLE.  Whether it’s online or in person, people need people.  Isn’t there a Barbra Striesand song about that?  Find like minded people who share your passion.  Find trustworthy people who you can talk to about stuff you don’t want the entire interweb to read.  Find people who have differing opinions than your own to help keep yourself in check.  As Lou Mongello said, “Nothing goes further than a hug and a handshake.”

2) DO MORE.  I heard this in so many different ways – under promise, over deliver (Jason Headsetsdotcom).  Go the second mile (Pat Williams).  Exceed expectations (Julie Deily).  If you give more than what’s expected, people will want to keep working with you in the future.  For example, Gigi’s Cupcakes offered these lovelies at the after party, and they brought so many they were giving away four packs for guests to take home.  That certainly was a pleasant surprise!

3) ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT.  If you don’t, how are people going to know about it?  I spent most of my day hanging out with the above fabulous people (along with Kelly and Ricky), and I helped hustle everyone toward the photo booth to get some group pictures.  They are some of my favorites from the entire day.

Many thanks to all the sponsors!  And a standing ovation goes to Bess Auer, who along with a dedicated team (Joe, Katy, Josh, Brian, Jeanette), organized the event.  It gets better every year!

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