Friday Food Truck Photo, August 9th

The Rachel sandwich from C&S Brisket Bus.  I have been waiting a very long time to try the pastrami from this bus.  It’s not always on the menu, and when it is, it sells out quickly.  When I ordered, they were out of sauerkraut for the more popular Reuben sandwich, but they had coleslaw so they could make a Rachel.  The pastrami is totally worth the wait. And I like that the coleslaw was lightly dressed, and not overly heavy with mayo. I received a ton of comments while walking around with this sandwich, especially from the other food truck owners/workers.

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  1. Reubens are my favorite! I’ve never had a Rachel. Does this still have 1000 Island dressing?

    • Kokocooks says:


      Typically Rachels do have thousand island or Russian dressing, but I didn’t taste it on this sandwich. Funny, the first time I saw these sandwiches was when I lived in North Carolina.

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