Chicken Cuban Sandwich

Remember that Lite Brite cake, and the ensuing contest that I participated in? After much online campaigning, I ended up in second place.  About 20 votes behind. I was so bummed.  For the rest of the weekend, I moped around the house. Then, around midnight Sunday/Monday (that’s about 31 hours of moping) I read an email from Guster’s management.  They invited all the contest participants to the concert, along with backstage passes to meet the band.  Squee! I was going to see three of my favorite bands in concert – Guster, Ben Folds Five, and Barenaked Ladies.

So Joey and I scrambled around making travel plans. We flew up to New England Tuesday morning, and by that afternoon we were enjoying this view of the Berkshires. We had an awesome time at the concert, and I got to wish Brian of Guster, “Happy Birthday” in person!

If you ever visit Tanglewood or the surrounding area, I highly recommend eating at Cafe Reva, Brava, and Patisserie Lenox. There’s also great antiquing – I picked up an awesome ice cream scoop. And I was in heaven with how important music is to the town.

After we returned, I was craving Cuban sandwiches like mad.  I picked up one from our local shop, but wanted to make some at home.  A classic cuban sandwich consists of ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and yellow mustard. Since roast pork is not something we usually have in the house, I decided to use roast chicken.  And since I was using chicken, I decided to try a pork-free version.  The turkey bacon gives the sandwich the same smoky flavor as ham.

original recipe

Chicken Cuban Sandwich

Yield: one 8-inch sandwich

If you can't find Cuban bread, you can substitute with the fluffy-style French bread that is available at supermarkets.


1 loaf Cuban bread
Yellow mustard
3 slices cooked turkey bacon (or sliced ham)
⅓ c shredded chicken
2 slices Swiss cheese
8 pickle slices


  1. Cut an 8-inch piece off the loaf of Cuban bread. Slice bread lengthwise down the middle. Spread a thin layer of mustard on both open sides of bread. Layer ham, chicken, Swiss cheese, and pickles in an even layer on the bottom piece of bread. Cover with top slice of bread.
  2. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Place sandwich in the skillet. Place a bacon press (or other heat-proof heavy object) on top of the sandwich. Cook until sandwich is heated through, about 3 minutes per side. Remove sandwich from heat, slice diagonally, and serve.

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