Homemade Tonkotsu Ramen

My husband got it in his head to make tonkotsu broth for ramen.  Ramen is one of our new obsessions.  For all the wonderful Asian restaurants in this area, there are only a few that make ramen.  Not the curly stuff in packaged squares.  Not the stuff in styrofoam cups.  The real deal.


Tonkotsu broth for ramen is arguably the most difficult, because of all the work involved in making it.  Joey started one evening, and let the broth simmer all night.  While he waited for it to cook down, he decided to make the chasu –  cooked pork belly that goes on top of the soup. The house smelled like pork for days.  The broth didn’t turn as milky as what I’m used to seeing, but it tasted amazing. After eating the magical homemade broth, the commercial noodles did not match.  So now I’m working on making ramen noodles.  This is very typical of how things go around here – one cooking endeavor leads down a rabbit hole to deeper and more intricate recipes.  The broth is way too extensive for me to post as a recipe, especially since I’m trying to post more user-friendly fare.  So why the reason for this post?


Really, I just wanted to brag.

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