S’mores Fondue For Two

Have you heard about Fondue Week?  Katie and Christina have been hosting lots of fondue-related events this week – daily fondue recipes, a link up, a Google chat with Chef Shane from The Melting Pot, and a fabulous fondue giveaway! The giveaway ends soon, so hop on over to to either of their sites to enter.

A friend recently gifted us with three and a half pounds of good chocolate.  Really good chocolate.  I usually prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, but this stuff might change my mind.  My husband immediately noticed the difference in quality when he tasted it as well.  With all this chocolate hanging around the house, it was a natural conclusion to make chocolate fondue.  In fact, our friend who gave us the chocolate mentioned that when she makes fondue, she uses the chocolate that’s stuck to the inside of the pot and adds milk to it for instant hot chocolate.  Talk about resourcefulness!

I loved the idea of layering the s’mores ingredients for this fondue.  It requires a bit of digging to get to the chocolate, but that’s half the fun.  I also enjoyed poking around for the pockets of graham cracker crumbs.

I used to have a fondue pot.  An old one, probably from the eighties.  It was a rusty orange color (gotta love those retro earth tones).  While prepping this dish, I searched high and low for it, to no avail.  So, I’m really hoping I win the beautiful fondue pot that Katie and Christine are giving away.  Happy dipping, all!

original recipe

S’mores Fondue For Two

S’mores Fondue For Two

our favorite food to dip was (hands down) the pretzels. They were the slightly-butter flavored ones, and really enhanced all the components of the fondue.


¼ c heavy cream
4 oz good quality milk chocolate, broken into bits
½ tsp vanilla
3 Tbs graham cracker crumbs
¼ c marshmallow fluff


  1. Heat heavy cream over medium heat until just beginning to bubble. Remove from heat and add chocolate. Let the mixture sit 5 minutes. Carefully stir until all the chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth. Stir in the vanilla.
  2. Pour chocolate into a small bowl (make sure there is a few inches of space at the top of the bowl.) Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs in an even layer over the chocolate. Top with marshmallow fluff. Toast marshmallow fluff with a kitchen torch or under the broiler. (To do this: make sure the bowl holding the fondue is oven-safe, place bowl on a baking sheet, and toast under the broiler until browned.)
  3. Serve with desired dippers.

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Sweet Comments:

  1. Oh my this looks so good! Thanks for participating in Fondue Week!

  2. This sounds and looks so delicious! This would be perfect for a girls evening in too!

  3. This look so pretty and tasty,too!

  4. This is such a great idea! I never think of fondues as having toppings. My brain is exploding with new ideas!!!

  5. wow – so simply, but so delicious looking. This is like a perfect little individual fondue dish, I would have never thought of all the layers; but amazing!


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