Organizing The Cookie Cutters

It’s only fitting that my first post of the new year involves getting organized (yet still food-related).  It is a standing resolution of mine every year.  One of my responsibilities is keeping the storage closets in order.  My baking supplies have gradually taken over one of the closets.  So, I finally got off my duff and did something about it.

Somehow, I’ve amassed quite the collection of cookie cutters.  And I’m not a huge sugar cookie baker, so I don’t know why I have so many.  I saw the idea of a pegboard on Annie’s site over a year ago.  What a brilliant idea! I’m not the most handy person around the house, so I looked for further instructions on how to install pegboard on a wall.  I found these detailed instructions, and decided it was easy enough for even me to accomplish. For supplies, I used:

– two 1×2 inch wood planks

– pegboard cut to specific dimensions

– drywall anchors and corresponding screws

– additional screws and washers

– paint (I used Valspar’s Spun Honey)

– paint roller and tray

I got really ambitious and co-ordinated the cutters and labeled all the hooks.  Not that I know exactly which cutters I have, I may actually start using them!

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Sweet Comments:

  1. It looks great Suzanne. I am sure you can use the peg board to store more of your cooking tools as well!

  2. That looks like fun! I love organizing and sometimes even reorganizing my cooking tools and cookbooks.

  3. LOVE this idea! Great way to start off your new year… get organized!

  4. What a GREAT idea. Sadly, it makes me just wish that I had enough cookie cutters to require organizing. Every time I back sugar cookies I stare at my small tin and feel sad. Maybe my new years resolution should be to buy more cookie cutters!

  5. How many cutters do you think you have on your board? I’m trying to decide
    If the pegboard or box system is better for me. Thanks!

    • Kokocooks says:


      I have close to 70 cookie cutters on the board. I like that I can see all of them and don’t have to hunt around too much for the one I’m looking for.

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