Lemon-Lime Mini Muffins


Today I am guest posting for Katie while she’s on a European cruise. Lucky girl! I love the vibrant citrus flavor of these muffins. And the lime sugar that coats them smells heavenly. Check out the complete recipe, and read about our adventures with the lime tree.

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Sweet Comments:

  1. Hi Kokocooks,

    Just hop over from Katie’s blog and saw your muffins. You have baked these mini muffins very well and love the way that you presented your bakes.

    Now following you for more in the future 😀


  2. I love lemon flavored dessert! great job!

  3. We planted a lime tree in our yard a few years ago and all I can say is get ready to have limes galore! It’s typical to not have much fruit the first two years as the tree gets established. Now we have TONS of limes and they seem to produce almost all year long. It’s my favorite thing about living in Florida.

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