Central Florida Blogger Conference 2012


This conference gave me such iPad envy


The 2012 Central Florida Blogger Conference is the third blog conference I’ve attended, but the first one I’ve actually written about. I was especially pumped after attending this conference. First, it opened with a flash mob, which set the energetic tone for the day.


Second, it took place at the Orlando Science Center, which is one of my favorite places in Central Florida. We have family passes because my son loves coming here. I particularly enjoy watching the alligators and turtles hang out under the lights.


The speakers were top notch. Lou Mongello gave an inspiring keynote speech. Colleen Cowan taught me all about how to make a media kit (something I was clueless about.) Tom Jelneck made SEO seem a little more understandable. Just a little. And Julie Deily spoke about her strategies for working with brands.


Like a good Star Wars geek, I managed to find some references throughout the day. The nerf herder lover in me was thrilled to win the gift basket sponsored by the Orlando Science Center, which was stocked with a ton of Star Wars swag, including two tickets to the opening night of their Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit.  Super excited!


Of course, any conference wouldn’t be half as fun without all the people. It was so much fun connecting with locals, putting faces and real names to so many people I follow on Twitter, and making new friends (especially those of the dinosaur variety.)

above: Julie, Katie, Julius, me, and Robin


Huge thanks go to Bess Auer and Katie Widrick, the OSC, Florida Institute of Technology, Bahama Breeze, Macbeth Photography, and all the other sponsors. I can’t wait for next year’s conference!

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  1. Looks like we were in a lot of the same sessions! 🙂 I can’t wait for next year either… it really was a great conference.

  2. I’m happy we got to hang out together at some of the sessions! So glad you won the Star Wars basket!

  3. So happy for you for winning that Star Wars basket! 😀 It was so good to see you!!

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