Friday Food Truck Photo, October 21st

Meatballs from the Swede Dish Truck. These newcomers to the food truck scene serve up authentic Swedish cuisine. The meatballs are accompanied by a very generous portion of mashed potatoes, a cream gravy, pickled gherkins, and a lingonberry jam. The meatballs were tender and savory, and the gherkins added some great crunch along with acidity; I just wish there had been a few more.

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  1. I came across your blog from Foodbuzz and instantly fell in love. Your first post I read was your funfetti cake and your tribute to your father. I am sorry you lost him, and I appreciated your honesty and openness on your blog… you made it easy for me to connect with you. Looked around and saw tons of great recipes that I can’t wait to try and have now bookmarked! I also love these food truck photo posts you are doing… those meatballs look DELISH!! I’m starving right now and could eat so many of those. I’m so glad I found your blog… I am your newest follower :)And I look forward to reading more!

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