Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2011, The Desserts

When I’m at the Food and Wine Festival, desserts usually take a back seat to the drinks and savory food. I’m usually so excited to try the main dishes, that I’m too full when it’s time for dessert. But, there are some sweets that are too good to pass up. Here are my top 5 desserts of the International Marketplace:

Belgian Waffle with Berry Compote from Belgium. This dessert debuted a year ago and was an instant hit. It was easily the most popular menu item from last year. The waffle was crisp and warm, and the berry sauce made us totally forget about syrup.

Apple Strudel from Germany. This classic appears every year, and for good reason. Flaky pastry, apple filling, and not one but two sauces: caramel and vanilla. This generous portion is big enough to share with a friend.

Pumpkin mousse with dried cranberries (provided by Ocean Spray) and orange sauce from Hops and Barley. The chefs have really stepped up the selections from the Hops and Barley stand (a.k.a., the United States.) This pumpkin mousse is layered parfait-style with an orange sauce and a granola-like streusel with dried cranberries. I really liked the combination of the citrusy orange with the pumpkin.

Chocolate lava cake with Bailey’s ganache from Ireland. These little lava cakes are rich, so it’s a good thing the portion is small. We loved the warm Irish cream ganache so much that Hubs licked the plate clean.

White chocolate macadamia mousse with dark chocolate pearls from Desserts & Champagne. Yes, another mousse. All the selections from the Dessert Trio tasted fantastic (a vast improvement from last year), but this mousse really stood out. The pearls were chocolate covered rice krispie-like crunchies, and they popped delightfully in my mouth.

Have you been to the Food and Wine Festival yet? Do you have a favorite dish? Which dessert would you really like to try?

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  1. my mouth is salivating just reading this post. So mad that the weather was horrible this weekend. I won’t get to go now until the end of the month. boo.

  2. They all look so delicious. I want to eat all of them. In one evening. No sharing. 🙂

  3. Wow! Those all look so yummy! Would you believe I have never been to Food & Wine? I will get out there one of these years…

  4. Loved the Pumpkin Shoter! Always a delicious time!

  5. Great photos and post! I want to try the Pumpkin mousse with dried cranberries this year 🙂

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