Pie Week Winner and Wrap Up


Congratulations to Carina! Her comment was, “Mmm..awesome giveaway! i love pie making but my pie-making supplies were recently depleted so this sounds great! and my favorite pie might have to be fresh blueberry pie, so hard to choose!! also, where do you find lard?”

I found lard in my local supermarket. It was with the vegetable shortening. Other places to look would be in the section with Latino food, or at a Latino grocery.

Thanks everyone for entering! The hardest part about hosting a giveaway was figuring out how to capture a screen shot of the random generator. There’s no snipping tool on my computer, so Hubs worked some technical magic. He’s so helpful!

Pie Week has come to a close. I have eaten waaaay too much pie in preparing for it. Along with all the pies featured on the blog, there were the ones that didn’t quite make the cut. There were the cracked, oozing hand pies,

The shepherd’s pie that tasted great, but used too many processed foods for my comfort,

And the fig galette that looked great but didn’t photograph well.

All in all, I am supremely satisfied with Pie Week. I hope you all had fun reading. I need some time away from pastry dough.

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  1. I love the way you captures the week!!

  2. Wow, what an ambitious week! I can’t wait to try out my new pie-making supplies, thank you so much! not sure if I’m supposed to respond here or via email..? but so excited to find some lard and try using it for my crust!!

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